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Application at B


What qualifications do I need?
How can I apply?
What happens at the admissions’ workshop?
How much will it cost?

Submit your application before October 10th 2019.
You will receive an invite on October 18th 2019 to an admissions’ workshop.
The admissions’ workshops will take place on November 7th to November 9th 2019.
Save the date!

What qualifications do I need?

You need an affinity for sports’ design and an interest in functional clothing design and development.
You need a working knowledge of English.
And preferably an educational level comparable to a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, product design, textile or garment technology or fashion management. Please also consider applying if you have an intrinsic motivation to study and you have e.g. a great deal of experience as a tailor.
You don’t need to show us exams, grades or degrees!
We want to get to know you!

How can I apply?

1. Please send us your CV and describe your knowledge of design, pattern making and garment production or tailoring - just so we know what to expect.
2. Send us a motivational essay, about 500 letters’ long, describing what you hope to gain by joining us, what you expect from your entry into the functional design industry and who you are as a person.
3. Please introduce us to your work with a portfolio of up to three pieces of your work. It can take the form of photographs, illustrations or drawings. Please send us your documents digitally, with max. 300dpi per file.

What happens at the admissions’ workshop?

The workshop takes place from Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th November 2019. Three days designed for you to show us your strengths, meet other interesting people and spend a fun and creative time in the BARTENSTEIN Camp in Munich.

You will learn a lot about potential projects and jobs in the industry, and specifically in the industry of functional garments for outdoor & performance sports, tech fashion and workwear.
There is a high chance you will find an industry partner willing to help you finance your course or even hire you right away. Be prepared!

How much will it cost?

A full-time course at BARTENSTEIN costs €25,000 per year (excl. VAT). The BARTENSTEIN Academy offers to the students of the first-year course a scholarship of €17,500 per year (excl. VAT). That means you can study for €7,500 per year (excl. VAT) at BARTENSTEIN.  
This means that you will receive a secondary education, comparable to a master’s course in design& development of outdoor& performance sports clothing over 2 years for €15,000 in total (excl. VAT). On top of that you will need some extra money for materials and travel.

Idea and concept
Alexa Dehmel – active sports design & consulting
Copyright note
Any realization or other use of this concept is subject to the explicit written consent of Alexa Dehmel.

Alexa Dehmel
+49 171 81 20 210
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