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Studying at B


You might be intrigued by the idea of designing aesthetically contemporary outdoor clothing or of developing technically challenging workwear or even of combining a hobby with work as a product manager for a sports company?
You might also strive to combine craftmanship, fashion and high-end technology?

Now graduates of various fashion, textile or clothing technology courses can specialize further at BARTENSTEIN Academy, a private academy built to meet the challenges of the functional clothing industry. You can choose if you want to specialize further in DESIGN, in DEVELOPMENT or to study both in parallel: DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT. Just give us a call and we will provide you with more details.

Alexa Dehmel founded the BARTENSTEIN ACADEMY with a team of experts and industrial partners:
A private, association-supported, independent academy in the area of functional clothing.

The Pilot Study starts in February 2020 and will expand to full operations in 2021.
From 2022 onwards about 450 international professionals will be trained in Germany.
From 2021, tailors with additional-technical knowledge (Techtailors) will be trained in the machinery park.

Idea and concept
Alexa Dehmel – active sports design & consulting
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Any realization or other use of this concept is subject to the explicit written consent of Alexa Dehmel.

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