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Workshops at B


Do you want to build up fundamental knowledge, change your focus, see the bigger picture or even think outside the box?
At BARTENSTEIN you can develop various current topics of the fast moving textile industry.
And the BARTENSTEIN Academy can serve as a source for new ideas and inspiration!
Meet like-minded people and work with them on your individual challenges.

ADVANCED TRAININGS and WORKSHOPS running as 1-3 day intense course or as e-Learning Online Short Courses over 5 or 10 weeks are suitable for employees and self-employed people in the industry who want to improve their competency and add "state-of-the-art" know-how in the field of design, innovation and development of functional clothing.

TAILOR-MADE CORPORATE STUDIES and EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES are planned specifically, e.g. as individual targeted training for employees.

Dates for ADVANCED TRAININGS and WORKSHOPS are coming soon!

Idea and concept
Alexa Dehmel – active sports design & consulting
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